Posted on February 18, 2016 by Hailey Mitchell

Light Breeze, 
Colourful leaves 
Bare Trees 
These are signs that Autumn is on its way….. 


Here at Milly Eugene we have picked up on the trend of the muted teal appeal, that  is the colour of the new season ahead. Autumn is a season you can cozy up to a good book or a homemade meal, nothing is quite as serene as hanging by the fire. After a long day at work, this can be just what you need to put your mind at ease, and Milly and Eugene have made it all the easier to do so with our new range. 

The JAGGER VASE is a personal favourite of mine here at Milly and Eugene, the way the mini ceramic vase capture the eye with its unique tactile design, giving it a delicate feel , that allows the vase to look great by its self or in a cluster. With the cooler seasons approaching these vases are a must have as they  have so many different way in which you can utilise them. 

The PRISM VASE is a beautiful hand-made piece that we sell here at Milly and Eugene. The PRISM VASE is complimented by  the mix of blue-green hues with light timber for a relaxed beach vibe or gold and darker tones of teals for a more glamorous feel. This unique vase is a piece that can go into every home and bring little of Milly and Eugene to your home. 

Both these vases look great with the new faux flowers and succulents we have in store and online at

This season at Milly and Eugene we have gone for a more muted colour scheme with the pastels range that showcases a teal,  we hope you love them as much as we do and that they brighten up your spaces. 


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Love Milly and Eugene XX

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