Milly and Eugene

This Beaker Vase is finished in a coloured engobe coating that gives it, it's decorative colour and unusual rough texture. The inside of this piece is smooth and high gloss, in a contrasting colour. There is a rimmed top edge on this piece, which showcases the inside glaze colour. The beauty of this piece is how well the contrasting textures and colours come together. This large beaker vase measures 20cm in height and 8cm in diameter.

All Milly and Eugene's ceramics are beautiful hand crafted pieces. We have designed and had these pieces produced so that they are as durable as they are beautiful.
Due to the fact that these stone-ware products are all hand made there may be slight variances in glaze, size, texture and weight within each product range. These inconsistencies are inherent to the ceramic process and are historically considered to be an attractive aspect of the craft.


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