Changing of Seasons

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Kate Garvey

It was this morning's early dash to the corner store for milk that made me take notice. There was a slight chill in the air so I grabbed my cardi off the hook as I ran out the front door. It was still dark too. I guess the days are getting shorter and summer's on the move once more. 
I'm happy - autumn is my favourite season and it's just around the corner. The clear crisp mornings are cooling on our morning walks. No more humidity and I feel so much more alive and ready to face the busy day ahead.
We are awaiting our latest shipment and counting the days till it arrives. One thing's for certain.......there will be no drab colours with the change of season. Milly and Eugene's new collection is all about colour and the brighter, the better. The vivid primary colours in the new Kilim rugs will blow your mind. The dreamy pastels in the wicker ware are glorious. And our new tinware range contains lots of "have to have goodies" that will brighten your homely homes.

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