Night Out

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Kate Garvey

Do you know that statistically March is our wettest month? Well after the weekend we've just had, there's was no doubting that. The veggie garden loved it. And we had orders to get out, including a kantha quilt to send to Greenland!  But by Sunday night, both families were going stir crazy being cooped up for two days, so to get out of the house, we met up at Churrasco Coogee for dinner. This Brazilian barbecue restaurant has become a local icon.  We love going there with the kids because it's family friendly, the kids and the dads, and all of us love the food. The Brazilian waitresses greet you with a smile that only they can do and they love the kids. We usually go on Wednesdays which is rib night. The marinated ribs are to die for, juicy, tender, delicious and everyone, including two year old Remy, munches on them down to the bone. Anyway, last night turned out to be a really relaxing way to end the week. The service was great, the kids chatted to each other and played on their iPads and we had a couple of Asahis and talked about the big week ahead. Then we raced home to watch Schapelle on SUNDAY NIGHT! Just jokes!!

Till next time!!



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