Posted on March 10, 2014 by Hailey Mitchell

To all yogis and yoginis,

I walk into the still dark room, adorned with burning incense and tee-light candles flickering from tiny nooks in the walls. There are a few bodies on mats scattered around the room, relaxed in resting poses. I collect my mat and head over to my favourite corner near the open window. The early autumn air drifts in. Standing there I notice the dimmed lights along the promenade and the early morning joggers, pounding the pavement below. A slow chanting tune hums softly from a player in the corner. I settle down on the mat with a bolster beneath my knees. I feel better already.

Lying there, I feel the slight vibrations of other people stepping around me. Dara walks through the curtain into the room and closes the door behind her. She is our guide and teacher and she brims with snippets of wisdom that we soak up and try to live by. I'm a newcomer to the yoga thing. People I have known have been practising yoga for years and up till now I have never had the slightest inclination to follow them.  But now I am a yoga devotee. I believe that we all come to things in our own time and now for two hours each week, I leave busyness at the door. Looking forward creates anxiety, looking back invites depression. I'm learning to be in the moment.


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