Milly and Eugene Goes Retail

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Kate Garvey

Big news this week, friends. Milly and Eugene will soon be opening the doors of our new store in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The online side of our business will remain the same but for those who live in Sydney, you will soon be able to come visit us and see, touch and feel for yourselves the wonderful things you see on our website store.

Our online business has been new, interesting and really a lot of fun. When the first orders started flowing in, in those early weeks, we would send "woo hoo" group messages around the family filled with emoticons of fireworks and dancing girls. We were so excited to receive those orders! Months later, it still fills us with so much satisfaction to get emails and orders from people all over Australia, New Zealand and even Mexico and Greenland. 

But the thing we love and look forward to in our new shop, is the sheer dreaminess of seeing our homewares displayed together in all their beauty in one place. The stunning colours, exotic designs and the creative placement of our goodies is going to be a feast for the eyes, we promise!!!

Stand By!

Till next time. 


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