Grandparents Day

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Hailey Mitchell

At many primary schools around Sydney this week, kids and their nanas and pops, celebrated grandparents day. Our dad took time off from his work, getting the new Milly and Eugene premises ready, and he and mum headed down to the local public school where two of our littlies have just started in kindergarten this year.  Our kids have a lot to do with their grandparents and have done since they were born, but even so they were still so excited to have their Nanny and Poppy come to their school to see them and visit their classroom. It was a beautiful thing to watch their excited little faces as they spotted them parking the car across the road and walking in through the school gates. 

As I stood and watched them interact, I remembered something I read recently.....

that grandmothers make the best mothers......A huge generalisation, I know, but the point is that, today, we mothers are busy with so many different aspects of our lives, we don't always have the quality of time and the perspective to see our children as our parents do.   Parenting is a hard and constant job and you can never take your eye off the ball, if you want them to become good little human beans. Grands are lucky, they can enjoy them just the way they are. Our mum and dad feel very privileged to have our children in their lives. And we're glad they are there too. 

Here's  to grandparents everywhere!!



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