Posted on May 18, 2015 by Hailey Mitchell

For a long time now aromatherapy has been used to help the body and mind relax and destress, science and research has shown that many moods and negative emotions can be lifted due to fragrances or scents that are introduced into an environment. Nice smells in the atmosphere helps us unwind after a long day and leave any troubles behind whilst leaving the home smelling fresh and delightful, with endless benefits it is no wonder that scented candles are a must have for every household.

Here at Milly and Eugene we love to have a beautiful smelling space, that is why we have handcrafted ceramic candles in two unique styles to relax the body. With a white outer ceramic vessel and inside bright colours that reflect each individual scent they don’t only smell amazing but also are a perfect decoration. Scents include relaxing green tea and cucumber giving a crisp and clean flavour for unlimited relaxation or for something a little bit sweeter our warm and comforting spicy snow capped scent is perfect for creating a cosy feel for the colder months. We also have a scent for the summer lovers who are wanting to have the summer vibes all year round, the coconut and mango scent will have you dreaming of the warm sunshine on your back and diving into the ocean. Once the candle has finished burning don’t worry about throwing it away because the ceramic vessel can be used as a fun decorative piece.

Take care of your body and relax with one of our special Milly and Eugene candles, see them online or come and smell them in store.

Love Milly and Eugene xx

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