Bring the Outdoors in.

Posted on June 23, 2015 by Hailey Mitchell

Winter is well and truly here. We are no longer spending our time laying on the beach soaking up the sun and instead are spending more and more time inside rugged up and keeping warm. Despite these rainy days Milly and Eugene believes a little summer can always be brought indoors with our focus in creating bright and colourful homes.  

Transform your inside space with gorgeous flowers and plants to help bring the outdoors in with our bright and vibrant products. Our new range of beautifully hand crafted ceramic vases in pretty pastels are perfect for brightening up a room. All sorts of leafy indoor pot plants can be easily brought inside your home with our wide range of woven rope baskets and recycled paper bags that come in various sizes. A little green can also brighten up a room with our classic glass and brass collection in particular with our handcrafted sculptural terrariums which are low maintenance and look spectacular when planted with a range of succulents and other small plants. 

Whether it be simply a bunch of flowers in one our our handcrafted vases or a trio set of pot plants from our range of pot baskets bringing the outdoors in will easily brighten up your home creating a lovely peaceful atmosphere. Looking for some inspiration? Come in store in Charing Cross and see our products in action with our growing collection of plants and flowers showcasing the numerous ways our products can bring a little outdoors in. You can also check out our stock online so you can continue to brighten up your home with Milly and Eugene products nationwide.   

Love Milly and Eugene xx

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