Sisters in Business.

Posted on June 26, 2015 by Jonathan Garvey

No one knows you quite like your sister. Our first friends in life and often our best friends for life. Sisters know each other better than anyone else. Growing up in a close knit family Hailey and Kate better known as Milly and Eugene spent all their time together as kids and now with the launch of their new business are still spending all their time together as adults.

With a growing trend emerging of sisters going into business together Kate and Hailey prove how going into business with your family can succeed as a good business move especially when you have such a main strength of sisterhood within a partnership. We've seen it work before with successful Australian businesses also launched by sisters, in particular Nicky and Simone Zimmermann and their iconic Australian fashion label they created together. They believe in the benefits of going into business with your sister as they strongly acknowledge their relationship with one another as "the cornerstone to Zimmermann's longevity and success." Kate and Hailey also agree with the strength of family in business as their mutual love and respect for one another has allowed their partnership to grow and flourish into bigger and better business movements shaping what we know as Milly and Eugene today. Through the launch of Milly and Eugene the girls have been able to become even closer especially when going on overseas buying trips together and involving the whole family within their exciting new adventure. 

As sisters who have always gotten along well together they continue to combine their close relationship and strong business drive within their up and coming business and are having an absolute ball while doing so. Naturally as sisters they can bicker and boss each other around but they wouldn't want to have it any other way. Besides, nothing quite beats having your sister by your side. So come and visit us in store in Charing Cross or check out our online store to see the girls' hardwork and fun atmosphere shine through their beautiful and diverse products available nationwide.

 Love Milly and Eugene xx



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