Posted on September 17, 2015 by Hailey Mitchell

Stress is a part of our everyday. Sometimes we need to soothe our senses and clear our minds with the help of a little aromatherapy. 

Our coconut and mango, green tea and cucumber or snow capped candles are beautifully crafted for ultimate relaxation. They can help to create a calming atmosphere in your quiet place.

A warm bath to melt away your stress is a great start. Ensure that the water is warm enough to relax your tense muscles. Maybe add some bubbles or bath salts to complement your aromatherapy.

Light a few scented candles and focus your attention on one of the mesmerising flames. This will clear your mind and focus your senses.

Now gently close your eyes and turn your attention to your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly to the count of three. If your mind begins to wander, let the stray thoughts flow out of your mind with each breath.

Relax and sink down into the bath as your body lets go of all your daily stresses.

Candles can be used in harmony with something that you already do to relieve stress, like taking a relaxing bath. But if you read books to relax yourself, set up candles next to you to enjoy the calming benefits of aromatherapy while you read.

You might even find that aromatherapy alleviates the stress of tasks that you might not enjoy, such as paperwork. 

Or if you use relaxation techniques such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation you might want to burn a candle to help enhance stress relief. 

It's about finding what works for you.

Happy de-stress, 

Milly & Eugene XX

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