Posted on October 09, 2015 by Hailey Mitchell

With summer well on its way, the heat is beginning to beat down. On a balmy afternoon, following a day by the ocean, we might take heed of the Spanish way and satiate our sun-induced fatigue with an afternoon siesta.

Having a well-cushioned chill out zone is ideal in this beautiful weather, which (most of us), wait all year for. Milly and Eugene have a motley range of vintage kantha pillows as well as a variety of vibrant, contemporary cushions to help you pad out your siesta spot. 

Our selection of creative cushions have fresh, crisp colour palettes and definitive designs, which will rejuvenate your home. Or alternatively, more subdued hues to create a calming and wholesome atmosphere. 

Enjoy the sunshine and good luck creating your personal zen den,

Love Milly and Eugene




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