Give me more Motel Mexicola

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Jonathan Garvey

We love Bali, it was one of the major factors for inspiration to start Milly and Eugene. Bali is, among other countries in the Asia pacific area, where we source some of our great product and it’s no wonder.

Bali is not the cheap, bogan tropical holiday it once was, though there are still some aspects of bintang singlet’s and all bearing beer bellies, displayed to the locals and tourist alike.

However, heading down towards the posh end of town, you will find some great places to eat, that could revival even Sydney, along with the boutique shopping and prices to match, not forgetting the iconic bars that are “must sees” according to the dedicated bali goers.

Well the purpose of today’s blog entry is to show off one of Seminyak’s newest, and hippest joints to join the neighborhood, Motel Mexicola. Having eaten here only the once, and being pretty inebriated I can’t give it a fair judgment on the food, though I do vaguely remember the margaritas going down a plenty, I can happily vouch for the excellent job they have done on the interior. And that’s what were about after all

Every corner of this establishment has been well thought out, before you even step foot into the restaurant, the excitement of colour, patterns and textures draws your eye to the wide expanse that the frontage covers.

Inside the foyer entrance of the restaurant is shrine a dedicated to the Mexican food gods, with beautiful coloured candle wax, that has melted with layers upon layers. It has created an artwork, one would desire for their own home.

There are many areas to the restaurant that all fit like pieces to a puzzle, yet it works spectacularly as one space. Whether you are seated upstairs, around the bar area, or in the main dining section, you wont be visually disappointed in your surroundings.

If you ever end up making it there, please let me know how the food is?

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