A Bloggers life

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Jonathan Garvey

It seems bloggers these days have all the fun, be it fashion, interiors, food, even travel. If you’re a blogger, and a good one at that, you my friend are hot property.

For some of you, that live in a small black hole called reality, its time to get busy living. And to do this, is by social media. Bloggers have created there own demand using the fabulous world wide web, and the wonderful programs that exist in it, like facebook, twitter, instgram, kiik, the list goes on

Some of these bloggers have 250,000 followers, yes that’s right, you read correctly a quarter of a million followers, that hang on to every word, every outfit, every home décor photograph their chosen blogger posts. These bloggers are highly influential and are using it to there advantage.

Fashion bloggers, receive an unlimited supply of clothing, shoes and accessories, everyday from the low end brands to the highly exclusive labels, seen on the runway. Travel bloggers are handed all inclusive holidays, where everything from plane tickets to 5 star accommodation, food and spending money are all thrown in, simply for a 10minute write up on how they perceived there stay. And then the food bloggers who are given a lifetime supply of free breakfast, lunch, dinners, desserts and cocktails, to all the new and highly sort after hot spots, all in the name of PR.

So here’s my theory, I either need to become one of these popular, celeb status style bloggers, or become really good friends with one Any takers

Here are some of my top fashion, home, health, travel and food bloggers:










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