Krystle Knight Jewellery

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Kate Garvey

We love sharing beautifully crafted finds over at Milly and Eugene, so when a good friend, who is always ahead of the trend, decides to create, design and produce her very own line of crystal and clear quartz stones bound by silver and brass, we can't help but shout it from the hills.

Krystle’s crystals, pardon the pun, are not only crafted pieces of wearable art, but they also promote healing and health, through her careful selection of precious stones.

All of her designs are original pieces, that she creates through a collection of inspirational photography, her albums can be found on the krystle knight jewellery facebook page. Krystle develops a new range and restocks on her best sellers every couple of months, ensuring she is quick to market and continually on trend

The pieces are crafted by an artist in Bali, which means she is lucky enough to travel back and forth to over see production. Also a great excuse for quite a few holidays every year.

Please visit to view the full collection, for now here are a few teasers. 

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