Posted on June 21, 2013 by Kate Garvey

Lee Jake Mariano's Photography is some of the most beautiful, artistic work you will ever see. We maybe a little bias in judgment, because he is our official go to guy. But his work truly inspires us.

Not super selective about his subject, though scrolling through his tumblr, his work features a lot of people, Lee’s photographs have an aura that screams simplistic beauty. He is able to capture a mood that translates through the image, and puts you there, as if you were part of the scene.

It is every artists desire to create a product that evokes a thought or an emotion from their audience, Lee Jake Mariano manages to do that in every image he takes, this is a skill that can not be taught or learnt. This is his creative skill and natural ability that occurs when he gets behind a lense.

My words will translate when you view below:




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