The Birth Of Milly And Eugene

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Hailey Mitchell

Deciding on the perfect business name is a hard task. The difficultly for us was, not only getting everyone involved to agree on the name, but making it have a fun, young and playful vibe.

Growing up in a family of three kids leaves you with many childhood memories. And a lot of inspiration to draw upon when it comes to brain storming new business names. 

'Milly' (aka Hailey) the responsible, eldest daughter of the three children. Named after her mother's all time favorite actress, Hayley Mills, was nicknamed Milly from a young age. Over the years, there were many variations of this nickname, including Millstone, Mill, Milsy and Millstonian..Milly was the one that seemed to stick.

'Eugene' (aka Kate) was the baby of the clan. She was the one that was most terrorized by her older brother, who suffered from the dreaded 'middle child syndrome'. 

During school holidays, the kids would head down to the fruit and veggie market. They would work on their fathers stall alongside eccentric characters of all nationalities. One in particular, a charismatic Yugoslav, would delight in teasing Kate by calling her 'Eugene'. Which as a young tween, caused her much anguish. Her brother picked up on her disdain for this nickname, and would greet her with a 'Hello Eugene' whenever she entered the room. 

So when it came time to choose the right name for our new business venture, a little stroll down memory lane gave us a good laugh, and inspiration for a name that we all happily agreed on. Milly and Eugene was born.

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