Posted on February 12, 2016 by Hailey Mitchell

“Rose’s are red violets are blue Autumn is coming and Milly and Eugene have the best pastels for you…..”


Here at Milly and Eugene, we are all about bringing colour to the world and your home and this Autumn, we have brought out a new range of pastel ceramics that come in all different colours and shapes. 

As Autumn approaches we welcome the cooler temperatures, now is a great time to bring life back into your home with our pastel colour range. A set of eight ceramic cups in a fun geometric design that come in an assortment of candy pastels are a great way to display fruits and sweets for the cold seasons ahead. These ceramic cups have so many fun and quirky ways to utilise them whilst the pieces look beautiful, displayed as a group.  

The cone paper vase, is a  gorgeous ceramic vase that is hand moulded to give an organic paper like appearance. The cone paper vase gives a soothing, yet calm feel, to it which is what you need with the cooler months approaching soft hues can brighten your space and at the same time bring warmth these colours can easily channel a new seasonal style. Each vase is hand crafted so slight variations may occur in size and shape.

The delicate volcano ceramic vases, have a fun tactile design, resembling that of a volcano, can you guess where we came up with the name… With the addition of a vase you can change the feel of a room whilst displaying the blooms that are in season.

This season at Milly and Eugene we have gone for a more muted colour scheme with the pastels range we hope you love them as much as we do and that they brighten up your spaces. 


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Love Milly and Eugene XX


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