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About Us

Milly And Eugene was dreamt up by two young creative sisters with a passion for all things beautiful.

The decision to call their new venture, Milly and Eugene, evolved from the nicknames they were called as young girls. Hailey, was often referred to as Milly by Mum, Jude, as she named her after the famous 60's actress, Hayley Mills. Kate, was given the nickname Eugene, by her older brother, Martin, who thought it was funny to call her an "uncool name" (at the time) and enjoyed the torment and reaction he received whilst using it.

It was after an inspiring family holiday and both having recently completed home renovations, Hailey and Kate's desire to start a homewares company was in the making. Owning a chain of restaurants and retail businesses between them, the sisters are no strangers to hard work and the success that comes with it, so combining their passion and talent, it's no doubt, Milly and Eugene had captured the hearts of their fans. Milly and Eugene has evolved over the years, starting out as a small online business run from the garage of their homes, into their very own retail store and now into wholesaling, their beautiful wares to some of the best retailers around Australia. 

It's Hailey and Kate's aspiration to bring you unique and desirable pieces, that have been hand selected from around the world, into your home.

Enjoy and shop often xx