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Milly and Eugene goes WHOLESALE!!!!!

March 15, 2015

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Changing the way we think about our homes.

January 13, 2015

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2 days - 20% off everything- online

April 14, 2014

We are still caught up in a fever of excitement with the opening week of our new store. It has been a wonderful few days of meeting and greeting new and friendly locals. To continue the celebration, we have decided to offer our faithful online customers 20% off everything on the milly and eugene website.

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Milly and Eugene opens its doors

April 08, 2014

Today, a dream of ours has come to fruition. Our retail shop at 21 Albion Street, Waverley is now open for business. And what a ride it's been. We have already been overcome with best wishes and lovely feedback from local business owners, local residents and our followers and friends on Instagram and Facebook. And are really looking forward to meeting new people in the shop who share a like minded appreciation for our taste in beautiful homewares.

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Grandparents Day

March 25, 2014

At many primary schools around Sydney this week, kids and their nanas and pops, celebrated grandparents day. Our dad took time off from his work, getting the new Milly and Eugene premises ready, and he and mum headed down to the local public school where two of our littlies have just started in kindergarten this year.  Our kids have a lot to do with their grandparents and have done since they were born, but even so they were still so excited to have their Nanny and Poppy come to their school to see them and visit their classroom. 

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Milly and Eugene Goes Retail

March 18, 2014

Big news this week, friends. Milly and Eugene will soon be opening the doors of our new store in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The online side of our business will remain the same but for those who live in Sydney, you will soon be able to come visit us and see, touch and feel for yourselves the wonderful things you see on our website store.

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March 10, 2014

To all yogis and yoginis,

I walk into the still dark room, adorned with burning incense and tee-light candles flickering from tiny nooks in the walls. There are a few bodies on mats scattered around the room, relaxed in resting poses. I collect my mat and head over to my favourite corner near the open window. The early autumn air drifts in. Standing there I notice the dimmed lights along the promenade and the early morning joggers, pounding the pavement below.

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Beautiful Kilim

March 07, 2014

Marhaban!!!  Or g'day in Arabic.

Today it's all about Kilim rugs. These are our latest offerings from Turkey and they are simply beautiful. These kilims are tapestry-woven and made completely from wool using natural dyes. The colours are rich and vibrant and the patterns consist of large geometric shapes, triangles and zig-zags.


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Night Out

March 03, 2014

Do you know that statistically March is our wettest month? Well after the weekend we've just had, there's was no doubting that. The veggie garden loved it. And we had orders to get out, including a kantha quilt to send to Greenland!  But by Sunday night, both families were going stir crazy being cooped up for two days, so to get out of the house, we met up at Churrasco for dinner. This Brazilian barbecue restaurant has become a local icon.

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Bring on the new M&E

February 24, 2014

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Milly and Eugene. I've talked earlier about our buying trips but it's what happens after we have put our orders in that it gets interesting and well, also really frustrating at times. The post-ordering period can be bittersweet. We are both excited with anticipation to see our products safe on our shores and then downcast and disappointed with complications in the shipment of our precious cargo

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Changing of Seasons

February 19, 2014

It was this morning's early dash to the corner store for milk that made me take notice. There was a slight chill in the air so I grabbed my cardi off the hook as I ran out the front door. It was still dark too. I guess the days are getting shorter and summer's on the move once more. 
I'm happy - autumn is my favourite season and it's just around the corner. The clear crisp mornings are cooling on our morning walks. 

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Long Time Between Drinks

February 12, 2014

Oh my! A long break between blogs this time but there's a good reason why. Kate and I have been on another two buying trip. Only this time we dragged our mum and dad along. You could say milly and eugene is a big extended family enterprise with loads of help and support from all members. It was going to be a rushed trip with a 5 day turn around and so much to do.

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